Saturday, August 22, 2009


I bought some magazines; I had refrained from buying those similar magazines for a long while (well, you know, in bookstores there are piles of magazines similar to each other, especially magazines featuring "lovely natural life style!) , but nowadays I can't control myself reaching for magazines featuring places I wanna visit. I bought three magazines on Italy, two of which are not my taste, though. I got those two via online, so I couldn't check the contents, articles, and most important, photos. Ah, complete waste of money!! Now I've made up my mind again not to buy magazines except those I feel like keep for ever;)

Koma, one of my cats, is so big-eyed she really has a sharpest nose for her favorite foods. She weighs lighter than before, which is because she is old now: she is 16 years old. But I believe she is gaining weight from eating too often. I guess I'm not a good guardian for her: I'm too indulgent, spoiling her too much (and I'm not good at taking her lovely photos!). But qu'est-ce que c'est que ca, la douceur de vivre? When I think what is enjoyment in her life, I just can't deny her what she loves to eat.

cloudy greens/ I wanna show you this scenery in real, next time you come to shikoku, mikay-chan:))
camera: CONTAX Aria + Planar 50/1.4 + FUJI PRO 400H


  1. 京都自然公園近くで鴨川見たじゃん。あんな暑くなくて、ちゃんとした靴履いていたら、絶対ほけっと座って


  2. あ、そういやそうだ。でも、今度はもっと山奥の清流を見せてあげたい!計画は出来上がったのだ。ふふ