Thursday, February 23, 2017



It rained yesterday morning, too, but today it's raining a lot more heavily. I hope it will clear up in the afternoon like yesterday, because I have a date with someone in the afternoon.
I took a shot of droplets on a papaya leaf. Seeing droplets is a pleasure in the morning or after rain.

Lemongrass and mints in my tiny patch outside of my room are growing thick and I picked some to make herbal tea. Nice and refreshing smell covers the room.

Friday, January 27, 2017


watching cat at an old pharmacy
This "cheki" photo was taken with my iPhone so it does not have good quality. I didn't take many photos during my trip to Tapei, which I regret a little. And I wanted to eat more in Taipei! Yes, I will visit Taiwan this year again ;D




Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Happy fulfilling new year!

fruits of santan; taken w/ CANON EOS 6D


Happy new year. I really appreciate it if you keep checking this blog.
Have you made a new year resolution? I have been busy these days so that I did not even notice it is already 2017, which I am a little exaggerating, hehe. But I was taking a shower and thinking of this and that. I am now 45. Time flies. I am not fully mature and settled for that age, but I often about death. Yes, I might die tomorrow even though I am doing fine today. So this year's resolution of mine: I will get organized, will organize my things so that if something happens to me and someone who gets in my room to clear it up won't be shocked to see a mess;DD

Friday, December 16, 2016


taken in December 2015; w/CONTAX S2 + C.Z. Planar 1.4/50 + KODAK ProFoto XL100


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bday gift for myself

instax pics I took in 2 days in Taipei
Travel to Taipei, 2 nights, was my own Bday gift. I enjoyed it a lot. I was surprised the place have changed a lot in over 12 years. There are more fashionable, tasteful shops and places there, and the streets and buildings are clean and neat; but still you can find traditional ambience by just stepping into narrow side streets. People are honest and kind and it is a safe place to walk around alone. Full of yummies, and cheap. So many "kawaii" things. Lots of fair-trade or organic products. A lot of fun. (And I really wish I had 4 stomachs in Taiwan;DD)



Sunday, November 20, 2016


I may have said before, though I love each season but I love autumn the best in a year. I assume it is because I was born in autumn and  the gene has a lot to do it. Now it is November, I crave for the color red, yellow, brown. I deadly want to eat root vegetables. I miss the way I used to cling to my blanket, to cuddle in it with my cats.
I went to my favorite bistro in Cebu City and I couldn't resist the temptation of tart tatin there, and bought two pieces to my room.
I also bought persimmon, to taste autumn like my mother loved.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Going Organic

I have been living in Cebu, the Philippines, for about one and half year now, come to prefer/choose organic products almost always. You can get organic products made in the Philippines easily and at a reasonable price (some of them are extremely expensive for me, though).You can find so many things labeled with "100% natural origin", or "organic" here, a place full of tropical fruits and plants beneficial for your health like papaya, moringa, and coconut. I don't use many cosmetics (usually I apply only bee wax lotion that I made) but I am a soap lover, so I always go out of an organic store with some pieces of soap. In the photo are my favorite soaps and other products. 
I only wish I could get shampoo bar like this.