Saturday, May 14, 2016


taken about the middle of May 2015 w/ Rolleiflex T
Now it is middle of May; the roses must be blooming beautiful in her garden. Come to think of it, I was living in Japan this time last year. It seems like a distant past. Visiting a few of my favorite places, meeting my friends, taking photos, eating and drinking with my close people, cooking, making coffee everyday for my father and me, watching baseball games on TV, taking care of my plants, just spending time alone, organizing my personal belongings, paying a visit to the grave of my mother and my sister-in-law's, thinking about them and my cats gone, and thinking about my future. There were several moments when I thought of nothing; just being in the state of emptiness.
Now my work has come to occupy a significant part of my life, and because of that some parts inside me have expanded. I can say I'm still developing, improving (except for some abilities;). I waver sometimes, my thoughts pendulous between this and that, but I enjoy life a great deal.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


taken on March 30, 2015 w/Rolleiflex T

セブ島で生活してらっしゃる皆様、そしてわたしにとって非常に悲しいお知らせ。「SAKURA DENTAL CLINIC〜桜歯科」の日本人の先生が体調を崩して入院されることになり、明日、日本へお帰りになるとのこと。クリニックの名前はそのままですが、明日からは韓国人の先生が営業されるそうです。つまり、もう日本の歯医者さんのようにはいかないということです。


Monday, May 09, 2016

J for Jean

J for Jeans; taken w/ iPhone 5c
My figure does not fit for jeans, but still I love these jeans. I really love these cut-off Levi's; I got these from my brothers and they are one of the most worn in my wardrobe. And I wear as often 20-something-years-old loose light jeans from Muji. (
I wish they would sell those jeans again:)
Why do I love jeans? The candid, rugged texture is what I just cannot be fascinated. I really can feel at ease with jeans.

And Jean is one of my muses, inspiration. She had grace, charm, calmness. I even visited her grave in Paris. I bet many girls wanna be like her, try her hairdo. I made mistakes of getting my hair short several times but I still sometimes have an impulse having my hair cut like hers.





Sunday, May 08, 2016

M for Mother




This Japanese mortar is over 40 years old, I guess. This was in my house, I remember seeing it being used by my mother ever since I can remember. It is one of the essential kitchen tools in my home. I brought it here in Cebu when I went back home this April. I bought a little marble mortar & pestle at a market in Cebu, but for me the pair is not easy to use. I have been too familiar with my mother's old Japanese mortar (and I am Japanese) so I decided to get it from my home. It's like a kind of keepsake, guardian of my kitchen. It has a chip in the edge but looking at it I feel secured.

Today is Mother's day. I wear the watch, a memento of my mother, which suddenly stopped a week ago and I stopped wearing then for my working hours. Just resting, hearing sound of falling rain (Yes, it's been a long while since we had rain here! Blessing rain!). Suffering from aching gum and palate and headache, thinking of my mother's pain from her disease which she suffered from 30 more years. Remembering her last days.

Sunday, May 01, 2016


souvenir from Japan; taken w/iPhone 5c

The beautiful & nostalgic package of this souvenir looks lovely, but most of all, what made me happy and grateful is the consideration people show in such a way. I have found and experienced warmth, caring and concern in these 10 months since I left Japan. And support from people around and far makes my everyday life comfy and happy:))