Saturday, May 14, 2016


taken about the middle of May 2015 w/ Rolleiflex T
Now it is middle of May; the roses must be blooming beautiful in her garden. Come to think of it, I was living in Japan this time last year. It seems like a distant past. Visiting a few of my favorite places, meeting my friends, taking photos, eating and drinking with my close people, cooking, making coffee everyday for my father and me, watching baseball games on TV, taking care of my plants, just spending time alone, organizing my personal belongings, paying a visit to the grave of my mother and my sister-in-law's, thinking about them and my cats gone, and thinking about my future. There were several moments when I thought of nothing; just being in the state of emptiness.
Now my work has come to occupy a significant part of my life, and because of that some parts inside me have expanded. I can say I'm still developing, improving (except for some abilities;). I waver sometimes, my thoughts pendulous between this and that, but I enjoy life a great deal.



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