Monday, May 09, 2016

J for Jean

J for Jeans; taken w/ iPhone 5c
My figure does not fit for jeans, but still I love these jeans. I really love these cut-off Levi's; I got these from my brothers and they are one of the most worn in my wardrobe. And I wear as often 20-something-years-old loose light jeans from Muji. (
I wish they would sell those jeans again:)
Why do I love jeans? The candid, rugged texture is what I just cannot be fascinated. I really can feel at ease with jeans.

And Jean is one of my muses, inspiration. She had grace, charm, calmness. I even visited her grave in Paris. I bet many girls wanna be like her, try her hairdo. I made mistakes of getting my hair short several times but I still sometimes have an impulse having my hair cut like hers.





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