Monday, October 26, 2015


Happy 'Roid Week!

I thought I would take a lot of pictures here in Cebu, but living here is completely another thing from traveling; in hot weather I don't feel like bringing my camera(s) around. And when I go out of where I live (and work), it's mostly for shopping grocery, most of which is vegetables and bread and sometimes oil & seasoning in bottles. That's why I try to go around light. Casually dressed. Carrying something like an eco-bag (which is very light!) alone. So this is a rare shot with my instax mini in these days.  A cheerful man you will think of when it comes to the Philippines. 

I have loved walking. I walk in Cebu City for shopping, usually at least 2 km and sometimes 5 or 6 km or more. That's what surprises local people around me. Yes, people here take a ride on a  Jeepnee (multi-cub), tricycle, bike taxi (I forgot what it is called in local lang), or taxi, even for a short distance. That's a surprise for me, though the fee for Jeepney or multi cub is cheap to be sure.
But walking around you can see how local people are living, and you will find an attracting local paths and nice-looking cafe or bakery, and also cats:)) I don't like the dirty air in City but still love walking around. 



Monday, October 05, 2015


Yoda, taken in ... maybe 6 or 7 years ago?
Here in Cebu. the Philippines, it is very humid and hot these days. The rainy season here is so long... I sweat a lot every day, but come to think of it, I drink way too little water. I drink less than 1 litter water! No wonder I get a cramp in my leg in the early morning every day. 
But aside from that cramp, I have been doing well. I have become more into cooking and eating with less material and tools than in Japan. I live in my room alone, but sometimes I share what I have cooked with my boss;) When I hear her say "Yummy!", I am so happy. Yes, cooking is really helpful and fun hobby, right? And it is also heartwarming; it makes both sides (people who cook and ones who eat ) happy. 
BTW my recent hits have been Italian soda bread, ricotta cheese, onion jam, and confiture of green pepper & green lemon. I also got Japanese rice so I will cook it and make rice balls after a very loooong while. I am too excited to sleep ;D