Saturday, June 04, 2016

K for ...

K is for kitten, koneko in Japanese. Such a wonderful, irresistibly cute being. Sometimes it is too adorable and it makes me somehow want to cry, almost sad.

The things starting with K that I can instantly remember: Kale; I try to eat as often as possible these days, Kaleidoscope; I really loved when I was a kid, Kangaroo; funny & mysterious animal I have only seen in zoos, Ketchup; I don't use nowadays, Kenya; I wanna visit in my lifetime, Key; I used to forget where I had put but I am always careful with and never forget now, Kinfolk; rather expensive for me but fabulous magazine, Kettle; one of the most essential kitchen gadgets, and Koma; my precious loved cat.

Tabby when he was a little kittenKで始まるものといえば、こねこにコマさん、だね。


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