Thursday, September 03, 2009

no matter what you say

You don't understand why Japanese people appreciate primeur just because it's the first in a year. True it may not be enough reason, but still we are glad to eat some fruits or veges for the first time in the year;)
Well, precisely these grapes are not the first picked fruit where I live, but it's the very first for me to eat this summer/ autumn. They are sooo sweet and sour (I love fruits that taste sour enough except some very few;) and have deep flavor that lingers in my mouth for long. I'm not crazy about fruits, and I prefer wine to grapes (grin) but fresh lush juicy fruits do make me happy:)

Now we are stepping into autumn, which is called "season of appetite" because it's the season of harvest, and things boost appetite. There are plenty of mouth-watering foods and sweets, so I have to be careful not to eat too much... (but I won't go on a diet no matter what you say! ;D)

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