Tuesday, September 15, 2009


There are bad times as well as good times. Good things happen after bad ones. Here are such experiences of mine from recent days...

1. The fridge went broken:( Some foods kept in the freezer went bad:((

2. so we have to get a new one and check & clean up the content of the old one. It was a tough and weary task. I had my shoulders and back ache after that.

3. The new fridge is eco-friendly and energy-saving due to improvement and double the old one in capacity. Of course it's very clean and neat:)

4. The best part of the whole thing is that I find a pack of SX-70 time zero film in the freezer!! Wow!! I had kept it there but forgotten about it. It was a gift from a very generous friend who came all the way here to see my photo exhitibion.
Now I wonder what to take, when to use it... oh I want to travel to some place very special to me;D I think I'll keep the film in the new freezer till then:)

neat & clean (at soragumi, a cafe, not my kitchen;) / CONTAX Aria + Planar 50/1.4 + KODAK 400UC


  1. What a surprise to find pack of sx70 film. 10 precious photo will be coming ultimately.... :)
    is this your kitchen? it's reaaaaaaaally nice.

  2. Naaaa! The kitchen of our house is far way too messy to show you! LOL
    It's a cafe... or rather a shop? Very comfortable. They serve a lovely yummy sweet, and sell high quality gagdets:))

    Yes, it's a most surprising pleasure to find one pack of sx-70 film!! It's already expired, i guess it expired about 3 years ago. So i'll keep it for a special occasion...or for my next travel, which I haven't planed anything yet;D