Wednesday, February 16, 2011

travel in trouble

I have a feeling that I always have some trouble during travel, and that it is getting worse and worse. The last time when I had a trip to Okinawa, my return flight was destined to another airport probably because I made a mistake when I had made a reservation. And this time, in Paris, my cellphone was locked (my usual password didn't work to start the phone) and I couldn't use it, and what's worse, or what was the worst, I lost my SX-70 on the 2nd day!! So I had prepared film including the new PX film, and expired 600 which a generous friend gave me, I only took 5 pics with SX-70 (all with 600).
Oh, and there was another unexpected thing too...

Still, Paris was fascinating, full of charm and I have fallen love with the city again. (The first time was when I was only 5!) But the allure was so great that I was almost overwhelmed and couldn't take as many photos I had expected. I just felt like savoring the whole atmosphere; I knew that if I photographed at this or that moment, I would make a lot of cliché; photos wouldn't be ones that would convey the ambience... (but who knows?)
Well, I will go to Paris again! I hadn't prepared for this travel because I made the last minute's decision to fly there. But I learned a little and next time I will be more relaxed and take many more photos!

Like this I was inspired and felt happy in the rather warm pleasant climate in Paris, but now that I am back in Japan where it is very cold (unexpectedly!) and even snowed heavily for the first time in these 5 years, my winter disorder, SAD, seemed to have come back too. Uh-oh. The symptoms written on that page were all true of me in these 2-3 months. I had got better when I decided to go to Paris and I need to be that condition again somehow. I guess I'll try the remedies introduced on that site.

How's been your days? Feeling OK? Have no trouble at all? A little trouble makes some spice in life, but I hope not much happen to you.

@Helsinki, Finland; w/Polaroid SX-70 ALPHA SE + 600 (expired)


  1. Oh no!!!! You lost your camera?!?!?! How?!

    I'm glad you had a great time in Paris though. I know that sometimes, when I'm in a particularly beautiful place, I like to just put the camera away and savor the moment, experience the environment with my own eyes, instead of through a viewfinder.

    But wow, really stinks that SX-70 is gone. Did someone take it from you?

  2. Hi, Jonathan.
    Yes, that's the "something bad" that happened to me!
    I put my bag and SX-70 down when I tried to make a phone call on the street. After that, I forgot the camera and then noticed that and ran back. But it's gone! I went to the police to have them write a declaration paper (it took 4 hours!!) to have the loss covered with travel insurance. whew.
    Maybe someone took the camera away and is using it now, or sold it, or perhaps he/she hand it in to the lost & found. Hmmm. But I thought to myself, it's the time I had to part away with it. (And I have another model of SX-70;)

    Paris. It is such a lovely place! The overall ambience is just wonderful. Full of people with grace:)

  3. ah, the remedy of the seasonal affective disorder sounds pretty good. and yes, you gotta soak up the sun at least 2 hours or so if you can. It really helps you maintain positive attitudes. I'm a living proof of that! hee hee. I have no problem with snow, I love snow, I love to get out and play with it! yeah, I'm a 43 years old kid :) well, hope your kitties give you uplifting energy as you wake up every morning right beside their smiles ;)

    My problem so far is the stiffness/pain of my lower back! I may need to have an acupuncture therapy.

    Meow to your kitties from Seesaw :D

  4. Yes, I definitely have to get out of it now. What I did today for that was cutting my hair!! Haha, now I wear "zangiri atama", heehee.
    And as you say, I really appreciate the sun. Warm and bright sunshine is such a precious thing! Tomorrow they say it's gonna be cloudy and partly rain. But I just can't be down for the next project... My kitties also help me get uplifted a lot indeed!

    Oh, I'm the same as you about the pain in my lower back and neck:(( They don't seem to be getting better. So persisting and annoying!!
    I hope you get out of yours!

    Send a big hug to your Seesaw:))

  5. Well, I'm glad you have a second camera. Over the last year I've lost many valuable things nearly exact same way that you did: a tripod, a flash unit, some earphones (expensive ones!), to name a few. I often think of who might be using it and feel pretty bad. Le Sigh...

    But yes, nothing lasts forever! Interested to see what photos you did take in Paris. The last time I was in Paris was so long ago, even I was shooting film! =P

  6. Awww, Jonathan! You have so many things lost? Well, I am luckier than you, am I! To lose favorite things is very hard, makes you feel so sad... but as you say, nothing lasts forever. It's the same as natural way of life, which sounds kind of "zen", though, haha.
    Still, I can't understand and get mad if the person(s) who took our things isn't in need. I mean I will forgive with such a zen mind if he/she stole them for money.

    BTW you took photos of Paris with film! Wow, I wanna see them!

  7. That's a great attitude! To be forgiving is so much healthier than harboring resentment.

    Oh, my photos of Paris are so old, I don't even know where I put them! Now that I think about it....I really should search for those prints!

  8. Thanks, Jonathan. Yes, we just have to go on, so to give up something or forgive is sometime necessary, I guess.
    Life is too short to cling to something bad, after all!

    Yeah, you must search and let me see the photos!! I'm looking forward to it:))