Friday, October 16, 2009

A for "あめちゃん(ame-chan)"

classical kurukuru candy : Polaroid SX-70 + 600 film / December, 2008

For a little practice of writing (both English & Japanese;) and thinking, I start blogging about things around me as the mood takes me.
Today's feature is "ame-chan", hard candy.
We, I mean people living in Kansai and its neighboring area, call it with "chan", which is used for calling close people. Usually we use "chan" for people, or animals in which case it sounds rather childish, though. But Kansai people, especially "okan (which means mama")" or "oba-chan (auntie or middle-aged woman)" call hard candy "ame-chan" and you might get some from those ladies when you walk around Osaka;) I love it. I don't like hard candy in particular, but when asked if I want "ame-chan", I can't help saying "Yes!"
There's something familiar and adorable about "ame-chan".
To me A is also for Aria (my first SLR camera by CONTAX:), Advocate (an old, classical beauty by ILFORD), airport (I'd love one near my house! ), ambience (something I place the greatest value taking photos), and apple. It's the best season of apples, but this year I don't find my favorite apple "紅玉 (ko-gyoku)", why? I love crispy, rich-flaovred apples. Sourness is a must: it's the key, especially to making confiture! (oh, which makes me realize that I don't like very much fruits that lack sourness. That explains why I don't like peaches, watermelon, and melons so much.)
And A is of course for "Akane", my name;)


  1. I used to think "-chan" was just for people, until I brought some Remy XO for my friend in Osaka as a gift. 彼が「Remyちゃんありがとうございました!」と言ってくれた。=P

  2. Hmmm, I guess he is a bit strange, maybe he meant it as a joke? Or, he was very happy to get his favorite alcohol;) We usually use "-chan" for people and only (maybe) Kansai people say "ame-chan" ;D People from other region are surprised to hear "ame-chan", haha. But we don't add "-chan" to other things as far as I remember:)