Sunday, October 18, 2009

B for ... book

piling up : Polaroid SX-70 + 600 film / 2007

Something I feel uncomfortable without, if I didn't see any around me I'd feel like something is missing, is a book. I am all right if I don't hear any music in everyday life. Of course I love listening to music and when I need it it's indispensable, but I love natural sounds like that of waves or birds much more indeed. But about books, even if I am not a bookworm literally and I don't read so much or check newest books earnestly, I'd say I love books and can't do without them.

I often forget what the ending was like of stories that I read before, and what is the worst, I once threw away old books I enjoyed during my early childhood... they were travel guide books my mother had bought. I really , really regret it. Nowadays old books are hard to get due to its high price or sometimes hard to find. It is often true of books (and magazines). So When I encounter books that interest me I buy them if they are affordable for me.

I love being with books. I love seeing them piled up (like in the photo;). I love lying reading flipping over the pages, falling asleep without even noticing. Books are a kind of sanctuary I can escape into; they are a medicine box for me as it were. (oh, I hate real medicine in fact!;D)

Other favorite things I think up starting with the letter b; Bread is fun to eat and to make myself, though I make just simple kinds. Breakfast, one of the greatest pleasures of traveling, I skip usually, though I had big breakfast every day. I'm not at all interested in brand-named bags, but I fall in love with some bags, most of which are rather large kind. Oh, I love basket and so do my cats;) My big basket-bag is very convenient and excellent both for carrying my cameras and for shopping groceries. Blankets are essential; in autumn and winter, I'm wrapped in one when I'm home. My favorite blue blanket is also loved by Yoda, so I have to use another blanket... Today the sky is so blue! I can hear voices of frolic children from the ground of a nearby primary school --- they are having athletic meet:) I can hear birds tweeting. I can feel the wind from the blue sky. They all beat the blues.


  1. あかね、上手ですね! Wish I could write this well in Japanese! Might take a few years for me 笑

    Books are an incredibly important part of life. Even though we have access to so much information in digital formats today, I still like to read a good book. Books have also taught me almost everything I know about photography!

  2. Jonathan, ありがとう!!Speaking and listening, which I think are most important for communication, are my weak parts, but for now I try to write as much as possible in English so it will help me speak and litening.
    As for Japanese, it's hard to WRITE in it. Too many characters... hiragana, katakana, and kanji!!:(( I love learning the structure and meaning, it's fun, but I'm not good at writing kanji... I am VERY forgetful:(

    Glad you love books. Oh, you've learned your skill in photography in books?( I somehow thought you went to school for that. ) So have I, I could say. I learn about photography through seeing many photos and pictures in books without realizing it. I never imagined getting into photography, not to mention having my own cameras. I just loved reading books and seeing through beautiful books; I enjoyed books even when I couldn't read. Ah, yes, books are the more important, the more I think about what they did for me.

    And today I'm getting another book of photos by Wim Wenders;)

  3. Wim Wenders! Fantastic!

    I know what you mean about Japanese! I can speak it more easily than reading or writing (unless it's book for children haha). I can write hira and kata but only maybe 30 kanji. For the most part, Japanese looks like this to me:

    (kanji)は(kanji kanji)の(kanji)ですので(kanji)を(kanji)してください。 


  4. The book didn't arrive today... they say it will tomorrow. Can't wait!

    Yay, then if we have a chance to meet up, I can talk to you in Japanese! (Incidentally we don't say hira or kata alone... I don't know why, but always hiragana and katakana, though we say just kana. Kana contains hiragana and katakana. Confusing to you, I guess;)

    Your example is very easy to understand:)) I respect Chinese people... they use about 8,000 kanjis in daily life, and there are about 50,000 kanjis in Chinese! (We Japanese use about 2,000 kanjis in everyday life.)