Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009

eye: Olympus PEN F + / july, 2003

Today is Blogger Buzz: Blog Action Day 2009 I hear, and the theme of this year is climate change, so I stop for a while to think about this. The best I could do now to help preserve the environment would be to stop shooting with film.
But that is the last thing I could do. I love using film, I wanna keep shooting with my loved SX-70, I swear I won't go away from film cameras. So I'll do other things I think little but important to be eco-friendly:)) It's a deal, isn't it?



  1. Time for you to get the EP-1 Digital Pen! Just kidding =P

    I'm sure you're not hurting the earth by shooting film though. The batteries from digital devices probably do more damage! But maybe you can make an art project out of empty polaroid cartridges hehe

  2. Wow, Jonathan, thanks a lot as always!

    In fact, when I saw the first time the EP-1, I was anxious for it! But not now any longer... I thought, oh, I definitely want this LX3! and yep, this cool digital from Ricoh may suit me; I am such a flirt, hehe.
    But I don't still seem to be ready to spend much (by my standard, I mean) for now. Maybe I will get one but I know it's not now;)

    OK... I'll think about the art assignment.;P