Saturday, October 24, 2009

C for ... cat (of course!)

You were always a wild kitten : Polaroid SX-70 + Time zero film, 2003 or 2004
Cats are my source of endless happiness, inspiration, and love. As you already know very well, I am a cat person. In fact I love all animals and I wanted to live with dogs when I was a kid, but as I grow older I get so committed to cats. Felines are now the most involving to me. They never cease to fascinate me. Their eyes, nose, mug, tongue, ears, paws, fur, tail (long or short), purring, playfulness, thoughtful look, appearance; all contribute to that lovely beautiful family:) But if you're a cat person like me or you contact with cats even a short while, you know the most attractive point about cats is their various characters; it's just like we humans or dogs are each unique and have a variety of feelings and expressions. For example, each my cats has her/ his own way of, say, expressing jealousy: Koma hides herself, keeps distance and stares at me accusingly, giving me a dark look; Yoda calls loud to draw my attention; Tabi jumps in my lap, purring; Sima just sits all alone, waiting for her turn. >
In the photo above, and in my memory, is Tengteng, aka Tengteco, who was always naughty, demanding, and adorable. She looked tough and independent but more lonely and needy than any cat else around. I'm worried if she is doing OK without me. Perhaps she is worried if I'm doing fine without her beside.

*There are many other things I'm interested in and love besides cats;)

C for camera!! Yes, cameras have made an indispensable part of my life!! I always get a nice-looking camera, which means I prefer old film cameras;)) But even if I love cameras I'm not good at taking care of gears. So my cameras are getting broken one after another these days;p Now I think of getting another film camera... but for economic reason, it will be far ahead.
C for coffee!! Coffee- addicted, I have about 1 litter of coffee every day. My preference is for deep roasted beans. I love bitter & sweet taste of such coffee. Hmmm I feel like a big mug of coffee now!
C for cheese. I love dairy products and among them I could say I love cheese best, especially blue mold cheese. It goes very well with hard bread (if there's some walnut, the better), thin crispy pizza, and when I want simpler dish, I just eat it with honey and olive oil on it:)) Aww, just a though of it makes my mouth watering.
C for chocolate. I don't write about it long. My simple rule: It should be dark chocolate. (Sorry to say this, I hate white chocolate;p)
C for custard. Wow, I seem to be able to write about food forever!! But let me say this. At patisserie I first visit I always buy something with custard. It's my way of judging the shop. Custard cream matters a lot to me.
C for crumb and crust. Since I bake some bread myself, I like them even more than before. Little crumbs have something lovable about them. When I had breakfast in open-air restaurant at a resort hotel in Cebu, I enjoyed giving crumbs to the birds coming to the place. Yes, crumbs are associated with something little and cute. And crust I ate very much when my mother made us sandwich and there were left-over of crust. Good old memory:)

Enough of food? OK. Well, the last thing for today's post is ... color. The image in monotonous color is calm, sometimes cool, fantastic. I think it shows profoundness of existence. It makes me feel famliar scenery to be something away from ordinary world. But still I love colors dull or bright, chic or cheep. It is important to me to see things as they are; I live in the world full of colors.

(additional images: cats around me;p with cellphone)


  1. Hi my dear tomodachi!

    Yes, thank you for sharing your love for cats. I enjoyed reading your passion for them.

    Now are you a wild kitten too? lol

  2. Could be, or sometimes I AM;p

    Thanks, Denise, for reading my post:))
    I could describe my love for cats forever, but readers would be bored. Anyway, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it! Thank you so much!!
    But I bet you didn't read "more" part;D (i hide it under +; click the mark and you can read through to the end;) I've found there're way too many things starting with "c" that I like:))

  3. I'm with you on camera, coffee, and chocolate (dark only!). Cats are indeed fascinating creatures. My sister has 4, and they're all so unique in their temperament and character. The one thing that they all have in common is that they all run from Suki-chan!

  4. I'm not very fond of very sweet stuff, though I have a lot of "sweets";)) So coffee must be without sugar, and chocolate dark only! I once got into "90% cacao" chocolate, it was VERY bitter;p
    Dogs are lovable, and I was a dog kid especially after I read and saw the film of "Lassie", and I was eager to have one or some;) But I've grown up too lazy to live with dogs, perhaps... Cats are mysterious and funny, fascinating indeed!
    Thanks for reading my long post!