Thursday, February 04, 2010

another project: one book a week

Hmm, one-book-a-week project doesn't go fine as planned. But I have read 3 books (not including photo books) so far. I'll finish another 2 books for the weekend, so it'll be coming along:)

I'm reading 2 books by Salinger; I stopped reading "NINE STORIES" long ago, but last week, by a mere accident, I drew out his books and put them on the pile of books I'm thinking of reading. And the next day, I heard his death. A hunch, isn't it? So I re-started reading the book, but I wanted to try his best known, "THE CATCHER IN THE RYE", which I have not read even in Japanese. I was kind of excited, but accidentally I overheard the ending. ooops... It's the least thing I wanted to. Anyway, I keep on trying, though there're way too many words & phrases I don't know, very tough ones in there.

先日、読んでない本の山の中からサリンジャー氏の2冊を引っ張り出し、読む山の一番上に置いたのでしたが、その翌日、彼の訃報を聞いてびっくり。これは読まなくては!!と、読みかけだった「ナイン・ストーリーズ」と同時進行で「キャッチャー・イン・ザ・ライ」に手を付けたものの・・・むずかし〜〜!!>_< バリバリ受験英語に浸かっているので、手強すぎるー。でも不思議な縁(??)を機にがんばって挑戦を続けることにします。


  1. I read Catcher 2 times when I was in school. I used to read a book/week back then. Lately the only books I read are about photography! I'm sure you'll find the way Holden talks to be a little different than what you may be used to =P

    I recently read a book called "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt. REALLY good book!

  2. Kind of ritual or something? I once tried to read it when I was in junior high, but stopped at the very first few pages. Now I'm reading a little by little.
    Oh, you're so into photography, so no wonder you only read books on photography, since you're leading a busy life!:) As for me, reading is a way of escaping, flying into another world, so I mainly read novels, sometimes essays. Come to think of it, I never read books about photography!
    The book you mention is said to be one of great books of the day. Very thick book, isn't it? ;D But it's on my list. Maybe I'll borrow it next time i go to the library.

  3. It's not that long actually. I hadn't read a book in soooo long before picking it up, but I was SO impressed by it that I started reading more again hehe

  4. Now I'm more interested in reading the book! Ohhh, I forgot! I have to go return the books to the library tomorrow!! Well, I hope I will find the book:)

    So, what're you reading?

  5. Currently, nothing =(

    The last book I finished was "The Moment it Clicks" by Joe McNally (it's about photography hehe). I've been thinking about picking up another novel though... maybe Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. I don't know why I'm drawn to sad stories!

  6. Haha, it's OK. Reading is what you mustn't do when you don't feel like it;))

    J. McNally, is he an photographer? I don't read books on photography at all, but I do enjoy photo books. Recently I saw 4 photo books, 2 of which I bought myself, the others I borrowed from the library. I loved the 2 from the library and wanted to buy them, but both are too expensive...Well, I can borrow them over and over again:))
    The novel you mention is "Arashi-ga Oka"! I read it long long time ago, and I couldn't completely understand and appreciate it. It's time I tried it again, perhaps:)

  7. Oh wow, I didn't know there was a Japanese version of the story. Cool!

    Yup, McNally is a big source of inspiration for my own photography. He's a long time photojournalist here in the states, and I've read all his books ^_^

  8. "Angela's Ash" is also translated into Japanese, as I said.
    "Wuthering Height" is a classic and most of the classics have been published in Japanese several times:))

    It's nice to have someone who inspires you:) We need such figures to improve.