Friday, December 05, 2008

après la pluie ~ after the rain

←は、これまた恒例の階段。>m< 色は前ほど出ないけれど、コレはコレで柔らかい感じで好きやな^^

Looked like it had rained and blown heavily in the early morning. I feel like I heard the sound of the rain and the window, because I was deeply asleep though I set my alarm on my cell but it was no use. I woke up at noon! I had decided to go and shoot at that temple again, so I went out. The sky was clearing up but the wind was still blowing hard. And it got suddenly cold. The trees had had leaves blown off and looked a bit desolate, but the ground was covered by fallen leaves, as you see from the photo on the left:) I felt happy to see that and put leaves in my bag to make them souvenir for my Mother and cats. I greeted to a man shooting there and an elderly couple who came to see the leaves. It was dry so the ground was dried up, so I couldn't take any photo as I had expected to, but I was quite satisfied. 


This is another photo taken from my favorite angle. I took many many of this! I know that, but I can't help it every time I see this sight...


  1. haha..Oversleeping always gives me a shock too! Too cute story dear!

    I don't know why but there's always something magical about fallen leaves and they look so beautiful when they are really 'dead' leaves.

    Very nice pics like always!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. aredcardigan
    The trouble is, I can't wake up on an important day such as when I have to get up early for travel!
    Too shocking it was when I woke up to notice I had missed my bus, my airplane! :0

    Ah, yes, you said it! Fallen leaves are actually dead, now that you mention it, but they are beautiful and have something that make us feel like to play with them (i.e. tossing them in the sky;)).

    Thanks for your compliment; you made my day:)
    Hope you're having a lovely Saturday:))

  3. yes, how could one resist lovely autumn colour.

  4. fennymun

    It's got totally cold here; we are in real winter.
    I hear it snowed a bit this morning!
    But they say it'll be warmer next week again, so I'll still be enjoying autumn colors, hehe;)
    I hope you're having a nice weekend!