Wednesday, December 03, 2008

twinkling red and burning yellow


This pic is one from those I took at Konnpira-san shrine, Kagawa. The autumn colors there was not the best, but I found stunning colors dotted in spots. The leaves in this photo look like red stars twinkling in the sky, don't they?


Konnpira-san shrine adopts a color gold as a symbol, because the name of the shrine contains the chinese character meaning gold! That may be why its ginkgo trees were overwhelmingly wonderful with yellow leaves, or rather, the color could be said to be golden. I guess there were a lot of ginkgo nuts falling and gave off strong smell. It's tasty and I love it, but the smell is terrible! I remember the ginkgo tree and nuts in my kindergarten. (Of course I hated the smell, haha;D)

photos with LOMO LC-A

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