Saturday, March 20, 2010

sakura saita

The photo is rather dim on the whole, but you can see sakura blooming there:)) It's a bit cold at night, but spring has come! At this time of the year I feel up & high, sometimes down and low; the days almost a cycle of this. But meeting interesting and professional people help greatly add colors to daily life which tends to be monotonous if lived idly. Such people make me wonder if I am doing my best. I'm not a hot type, so I'll do what I can do in a calm way, at my own pace:)

**Thanks for reading my poor English writing. I often start writing with no particular theme or goal, just jotting what pops in my head lured by the previous sentence or word.**


hello, sakura: Polaroid SX-70 + 600(expired)


  1. 咲いた! いいな。

    Often times I'll write like that too, without any real structure or logical flow of ideas. It's kind of liberating =D


  2. Hi, jonathan! Are you feeling good? It's weekend!:)) (i have to go to work today but on the way i'll take a short time appreciating sakura;)

    If I were at an examination, my essay would score D minus or something like that, but it's a casual everyday writing:) My aim is to be able to enjoy writing in English, so I'll keep on in a joyful way:))

    Have a nice weekend, jonathan! 今週のスキちゃんはどんなかな?^^

  3. Hi Akane, you can write pretty well! Practice makes perfect. Keep going, my friend. Have a nice weekend too! :)

  4. Well, why do you need to judge yourself? Your communication skill is super! Stop being pressured by a perfection ;) There's no perfection in a world anyways? Acceptance and gratitude for who you are is the key to the happiness. and don't forget to make an effort to become who you wanna be at the same time, but you gotta give yourself a huge hugs & kisses, too.
    Make sense?

    I'm totally in a big shit regards to a financial status. I wanna get better...I'm expecting 2 years to attain my own ideal condition. If not, I don't know. lol. I gotta bring my intention to a practical process making a big change in May. Firstly, my mission is getting back home ( KYOTO ) in 2 weeks and supporting my dad's fighting sprit! Yeah! ...then...Everything is gonna move forward when I get back home in the US by the end of April. Oy vey.... :o Hope I can bear the pinch from a bitter reality! hee hee.

    Ok, I'm gonna rearrange my flowers, then go out for a walk in a park! 70 degrees today. SWEEEEEEET!!

    Have a happy spring weekend, Akane-chan :D :D :D

  5. @fennymun
    Hi, fennyyy:)) Oh, thanks for your compliment. Well, I use my dictionary a lot;p Yes, as you say, practice makes perfect, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I'll hang in there:)
    Have a nice Sunday! xoxoxo

    Hehe, in fact I'm weak at speaking and listening, so I wanna improve that. And my job force me to be as good as possible. Didn't I told you? I teach English at juku! haha. But you're right: you can't do things well under too much pressure. I'll enjoy myself rather than put much pressure on myself:)
    Thanks! (oh, won't forget to make necessary efforts!;)

    I hope your things get better, first of all wish your Dad a good luck and health. You'll have a hard time, but I believe you can make it! I really really hope you achieve your goal!

    Flowers in the wild are beautiful, but those arranged by hand with consideration are more powerful, impressive, which I felt today. I saw the website of Jun Hamamura, and a decent arrangement by Sen Sooku(千宗屋). Both are sweet, took my breath away.
    I'd love to see more of your arrangement!
    Have a lovely weekend, Hana-chan! xoxoxo

  6. Thank you for your kind words!!

    I checked out both jun & sooku. Couldn't find his arrangement though, but yes, jun's arrangements are super fresh look! Nice job :) I wonder how to do those assignment to improve my camera technique!! What's the best way to take flower arrangements? Often the photos look so messy and busy when I try to capture them, you know??? How did you learn your fantastic photography???????! You're raaaaaaaad!

    BTW, I got a new camera. The same family of my old SLR. EOS Rebel XSi. So cool. No need to spend any films...therefore...I can study and make lots of mistakes! hee hee. I'm gonna see Rich later for our jazz night-out. I'll get some great tips for taking pics then! lol.

    Keep smiling! yay, happy spring!!

    PS. I watched tons of TV before....just to listen and learn what people say...and repeat the same phrase until I can mimic it!

  7. I bet Sooku-san's arrangement can't be found on the Net. I saw it on TV, in an NHK program. He was to entertain elementary school kids from his alma mater in Kyoto, so he arranged seasonal flowers. It was very modest but lovely, full of consideration. Jun's flowers are gorgeous, looking at the photos alone gives me power. But I bet you'll make lovely bouquets and photograph!! You love flowers so deeply! You know what is the prettiest about each flower. Just take many photos:)) I learned by just taking numbers of photos (and wasting rolls of film;). I didn't understand the terms in photography, so I just pressed shutter buttons so many times.
    Maybe learning foreign language is the same. Practice makes all things easy. I don't have a good ear but I'll keep trying and enjoying:)

    Enjoy happy spring time, enjoy that jazz music. Say hello to Rich for me;)