Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wanna travel somewhere far away over the ocean, eve if it's a trip only for a couple of days, wanna take myriads of photos, wanna soak up different air, colors, people... oh, I have to make sure that I will bring wide angle lenses, and of course my SX-70!

I got my films and photos back and developed & printed, for the most part they were damned. 4 of the 9 rolls were those I took in early december, photos of autumn leaves. The rest I took these 3 months, most of which were of old towns on cloudy or rainy days. Much of a cliche. I had attached my 50 mm lens but I regret I didn't brought the 35 mm (or 28mm) lens. Some photos have a bit intrusive impression, and make me realize I'm kind of stalled. I need some fresh air!



don't you go home? : CONTAX Aria + Planar 50/1.4; Onomiti, Hiroshima; Fev. 2010



  1. Oh I find nothing cliche about this beauty of a photo but I can understand your feelings. I hope you can take your trip soon. I am also craving the same thing.

  2. Yes, it's always inspiring to be able to have fun travelling around, taking photos, tasting different cusine..... I love this one too. Hope you can trvel soon! Hope I'll be able to visit your place someday too... :))

  3. @Kevin
    Thanks:) In fact I don't find this photo a chliche, but in the rest there are lots of damn photos;D Well, I guess that is the driving force: make mistakes, then try to get better:) That's why we never get tired of taking photos:))
    Let's hope our hope will be realized:)

    Aww, I do hope you'll visit Japan, that we'll be meeting to have a lovely chat:))
    I also love to try different cuisine, too! A journey really expands our horizons in many ways, doesn't it? :)