Saturday, December 11, 2010

colors of this season

colors of this seasonIt's December. Many people in Japan think of colors of momiji, gingko, and fallen leaves I guess, and of course I'm one of them too. But instead of showing a photo like this, which is very this season, I have a black-white photo exhibited in a group exhibition @funny apartment in Osaka. (FYI, it ends tomorrow!) The little exhibition is about "colors" but I was not in the mood for bright or vivid ones when I was invited to join it. And I had a crack in my low back as you know. So I didn't have enough time (and energy either) to take photos with a film camera and to have them developed & printed, I took some instant shots with E-P1 in the b/w setting. Well, maybe I'll post the photo later.
I don't think of going to shoot momiji leaves but still I miss them a lot. (I love fallen leaves on stone pavement after rain.)

大阪のfunny apartmentで開催中のグループ展「色彩展」も明日で終わり。せっかくのチャンスなのに行けなかったのが残念・・・久しぶりの人、会ってみたい人がいたのだけど。


photo taken w/CONTAX Aria + Agfa CT Precisa (x-processed); december, 2009; Kyoto

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