Monday, December 20, 2010




Do what you love, make every effort for that. 
Take joy in whatever you do:) 
Life is too short. 


  1. Hiya how are u?
    nice to c ur still blogging
    im back on and was wondering where u bought ur polaroid film?
    and whatkind of polaroid film u buy
    im havin trouble gettin my hands on some



  2. Hi, Shukura:) I slipped my back (I easily do that) but have almost got over it, doing fine, thank you:))
    I hope you enjoy yourself every day.

    Polaroid film. Now I'm almost used up my last stock of old, expired 600 film, I bought 2 packs of the new film from the Impossible Project on line. But I'm in kind of saving mode so I haven't tried them yet;p (and I hear those films from the Impossible Project are not easy to handle in cold weather)
    Polaroid film is very expensive now, so I feel less awkward to shoot with SX-70, though I still and for ever love it:))

    Good luck!