Sunday, December 19, 2010


  in the last days; w/CONTAX Aria; June, 2010



When I was making coffee, I remembered suddenly what I had seen in my dream early this morning: One of my brothers brings a very mean girl and introduces her to me. He says she is the girl he's dating. No, she can't be! This is a sh●t, such a f●●king girl. Incredibly bad character she has! I try to beat her, but she is beyond me. She doesn't seem to be upset whatever I say and do. It is I that is almost about to cry... There he goes, Tabi! He looks a bit different in the fur color, but he IS Tabi! Oh, where have you been? You're back home, back to me! I hug him and he purrs. Then before anyone knows he vapors into bubbles of light, disappears. But it heals me a lot.
It brought tears to my eyes; the coffee was a bit salty, perhaps.
But was it a sign of something?

p.s. ついでに気になってたものを思い出したので。というか、欲しい・・・いやいや、がまん。てか、ホンマ無理やし!