Saturday, December 19, 2009

miscellaneous thoughts of the day

How are you spending this weekend in your place? Is it cold and snowring, or mild/ hot? Here it was as cold today as yesterday, not so cold that it snowed, though. I did some house routine, got a short nap, fixed lunch, coffee, sweets, and supper, watching TV, not going out to take any winter photos. I need "winter sleep" like a bear deep inside me.
*This photo looks the same as that photo I uploaded on flickr, but not. I had intended to post this one, though I seem to have uploaded that one by mistake;p I still have a lot of autumn photos and this photo is one of them. It makes me miss autumn so much already, though I took this photo only about 2 weeks ago!




enveloped : CONTAX Aria + Makro Planar 60/f2.8 + ferrania Solaris 400


  1. I'm staying home trying recover! I'm afraid if I go out shooting I'll get sick again hehe. I did take Suki to the dog park though. =)


  2. I've checked your Flickr's remarkable!
    Also i've been to Japan in spring and summer, so i still did not see it in Autumn and i love your momiji(right?) photos.

  3. Very nice blog! I'm enjoying lots of snow this weekend and -12 degrees C. I bet many of other European bloggers can share the snowy impressions. Have a good rest of the weekend - mine is pretty lazy... :)

  4. @jonathan
    I hope you'll get well soon! Yes, you must stay home and keep warm! And eat & drink properly:)
    A little walk with Suki-chan will do you good, I guess:D

    Ohh, thanks a lot for seeing my photos on flickr!
    When you come to Japan next time I strongly recommend you come in autun;)) Yes, momiji leaves are so beautiful you will be impressed!
    I think autumn is the best season in Japan;)

    Hi, Olga. Nice to have you here. Thanks alot for your comment:))
    Wow, it's very very cold in your place... I've never experienced such a cold climate because the weather is rather mild where I live, in western Japan.

    Haha I'm also spending a lazy weekend! Too much sweets and catnap;P Have a lovely day!