Wednesday, December 16, 2009

D for dog

I used to be a dog girl as a kid. I still love dogs now, but I am rather a cat person now as you know. My life style matches cats better. Yet I love dogs and can't help smiling at them or if possible photographing and hugging them. I love large kinds, dogs that carry wolf features in size and looks. I kind of hesitate and feel afraid to touch or hug small dogs like chihuahua. They look too fragile, changed that much by human beings.
Anyway, I don' live with a dog, but the letter D makes me think above all of dogs.

When I was a kindergartner, a family (maybe rich family;) had a beautiful large collie dog and my top pleasure was touching and talking to the dog on my way home form kindergarten. It was through a fence; I never get into the site, I was on the path and the dog was in the garden. But I enjoyed it a lot. I loved the dog. And that contact made me love dogs, I can say, making me read almost all the books I found about dogs.

My parents never allowed me to have a dog but I was always playing with dogs in the neighborhood. Happily they never scared me so I believe "dogs are a human's best friends." Well, I mean they are one of the best friends:))

The photo is one of those I took at the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. I found many dogs stroll around there. It's so different from Japan where you rarely see stray dogs, because they are caught and ... I don't want to say what they end up with. I hear lately why there are so many stray dogs in Athens. The authority does catch the dogs but they don't kill them: The dogs caught get fixed and then just released:) They say the dogs won't be caught to be killed because people don't complain about them. They have the right to live free. I feel a bit unlucky to see more dogs and less cats than I had expected, but now I love Greece the more after I hear the story:))

a cool guard : CONTAX Aria + Planar 50/f1.4 ; the Parthenon, Athens, Greece; 18 March, 2009


  1. haha! I didn't realize you posted this in English too. I read the Japanese one first and it was a lot harder of course (笑). いい読む練習だった!

    I also like wolf-like dogs! I think Suki is a perfect size, though I think in her mind she's as big as a wolf. In the street, people always stop and say "oh my gosh, she looks like a fox!" =P

  2. Ohhh, Jonathan! Thanks for your trouble!!
    But I'm glad I was a lillte of help to your practice of reading Japanese;D

    Yes, Suki-chan has a lot in common with her wolf ancestor! I love long-nosed dogs:))) Haha, she looks like a fox to people who don't know Japanese dogs;))