Saturday, December 12, 2009

Welcome home!

The photos I took from September to last Wednesday have just been developed and printed, and I've received them at last! (I sent the film rolls to a photoshop in Tokyo as always;) Now I'm indulging in reminiscence over bitter roasted coffee. Most of the photos are failures, I can say for sure, but still printed photos have power and warmness to bring back memories:))
I'll make album sets and upload "kiritori" with some of the photos before the year is out.


curiousity makes a cat; CONTAX Aria + Macro Planar 60/f2.8 + Kodak 400UC

note; 昨日ナニ食べた?メモ。金曜日:仕事日につきナシ(と言いながら、おやつはいろいろ食べた〜〜。プチのチョコプレッツェル;エラい昔風なぱさぱさのマドレーヌ;栄養食品ぽいバナナケーキバー)


  1. Most of my photos are failures too =P

    I look forward to seeing what you took! I really like this one...great pattern where the cat is standing. The short dof makes her paws look like cotton balls ^ ^

  2. Photos turn our failures 3months after shooting: it's the worst thing in using film, I would say. But still I can't stop using film;))

    I'll post some "better" failures in my blog and flickr. Some of the photos I like myself I'll make albums with them to upload kiritori. I really appreciate your comments, jonathan! Thanks for encouraging me:))

    Oh, I love this one, too:)) I took 3 photos but the other two were totally out of focus because the cat approached me and wanted to play with me. I never mind that or rather I'm happy with that; I love being & playing with cats above all! :D

  3. I would imagine it's really hard to photograph a cat with a wide aperture using manual focus! I'm spoiled with the continuous auto focus on my camera =P

    Does your Aria have a split-focus screen? My first film camera had one.

  4. Yes, indeed. But I would love to photograph cats with a wide aperture when possible. Well, it could allow me to use fast shutter;))

    And yes to your question. Mine has a split-microprism focus screen. I hear a mat screen is easy for focusing, though and I guess so because when I photograph with a narrow aperture I have a difficulty seeing the screen.