Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I spent a while at the libary, and when I got out evening was coming down: I was kind of surprised to find myself caught in a blue veil of darkness. I found the first star of evening, which led me to think of the dark and vast spread of the universe and that very thought made me dizzy. Is there an end of the universe? How far? etc. I always feel upset, uneasy, scared to think of such things.



  1. Yes, sometimes such thought will make me feel uneasy too. But on a second thought, it makes me appreciate the wonder of nature and its Creator and feel as if I were flying high high above....

  2. ◆fennymun
    Wow, it may be helpful... I just can't think that way. Is this universe is one of many, and are there others in which exactly the same thing happens? Does the universe have an end or is it a loop like the Mobius strip? What is there beyond this universe?
    Maybe I'm too nervous and uneasy about this matter. As for other things, I don't care so much; I'm really forgetful, haha.