Thursday, July 15, 2010

a small resolution

On Flickr, I sometimes post photos I take with my PEN E-P1, my first DSLR (but I don't want to call it so; it's not an SLR camera for me!!), for a change and as a record of something trivial and personal. For some friends who will enjoy seeing what I buy or what I'm doing or eating. But I'll stick to photos taken with film cameras here in my blog. I think I don't have to hurry to let you know of my small everyday affairs. (though I posted a digital photo on some posts here;p)

I hate to say this, but I don't like recent technologies very much. Not all, but some that are too handy and familiar with you. I mean those things that don't allow you to use your brain and imagination. Those things that seem to have a strong control over you, your life. Those things that make you feel awkward if you aren't familiar with and don't use them well enough. Those things that just pursue speed and convenience.

Well, I seem to have got off the track a little. What I wanna say is I love film camera after all:)


空への憧れ。With summer at hand, I feel like touching the sky in real...

w/Leica M6 + SUMMILUX-M 1.4/35; June, 2010