Friday, April 29, 2011



This is a bit subdued coloured photo for weekend and holidays, but I realized I love and want to use positive film now.
Have a nice weekend (and holidays) !


w/CONTAX Aria + Carl Zeiss Macro Planar 2.8/60mm + Fuji TREBI 100 ; April 2003


  1. Very lovely photo! I'm gonna start taking note of which films you use. I shot a couple rolls last week for the first time in 10 years! I'm not sure which films to try, so I'm just trying random ones as I go. =)

  2. Thanks, Jonathan. Before I noticed your comment here, I had leapt to your new post on seeing the news on facebook;)) I was so impressed I left those instant comment! Congrats on your happy film shooting!
    I am sloppy these days and don't write what film I use, but if you see my previous photo works in my "kiritori" page (maybe you need to click on "blanc[che]" on the upper-right and then you'll see the links at the bottom of the window) you can check what film I used:) Well, I have got less selective about film: in fact I almost always use cheapest film these days;D But using various films is fun. Unfortunately we can choose from less kinds of film than we could a few years ago:((
    I'm looking forward to seeing more film photos of yours!

  3. Ooops! Sorry Jonathan.
    I saw my photo page for the first time in a rather long while, and found I had not written about film except for a few set;p
    Here's my list of film. I used to love Agfa Vista 100, Kodachrome 64 (which I used just a few times, though. and it is no longer available. sob*), Fuji Reala 100, and Kodak Portra 160. Oh, I used a lot of Ferrania film:))

    These days I use Kodak Royal 100, which I can buy at the most reasonable price;D

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing your list of films with me! I'll definitely give a few of them a try. I see what you mean about choosing the least expensive film though, because first two rolls last week were REALLY expensive. I want to shoot more, but I don't want to be broke either. o_O I think I just want to find my favorite film, so I'll keep trying different ones until I find one that really speaks to me =)

    Do you scan your own prints when they come from the lab? I found that scanning was pretty expensive when I had my own lab do it.

  5. I hope you'll find your favorite film. (But if you have a trustworthy lab, you won't need expensive films.)
    Some of them aren't available now, perhaps. Film industry is shrinking...sadly:((

    Yes, I scan prints. I could have images burnt on CD, which is a bit less expensive, but I love seeing images printed on paper. Well, it takes me some time for sure.

  6. Thanks for the tips! I agree...even with digital, I feel so much better about having a print on the wall and not just a digital file stored on my computer =)