Sunday, November 21, 2010


sulky tabbyAt last I gave in;p

I didn't have time to open and read the email from Impossible Project. Perhaps I would throw it away into "trash" without reading. But one of my friends Charlie let me know the! They opened a store in Tokyo!!! Impossible! But they made it possible. Wow! Now I can get Polaroid films for free shipping. Still the price is higher than it used to be, of course. I wonder what to do for a while.

The result: I ordered 3 types of films!

I have wanted to try their renewed films, PX Color Shade Push! and PX 100 film. The 600 film had already been sold out (they are as crazy as I am, ha!) so I ordered a TZ artistic film. Can't wait for their arrival. But I will keep them, probably, till my next travel abroad... hmmm, I'm not so sure, haha.

Impossible Project ついに東京上陸!というわけで、念願の新しいポラロイドフィルムを注文♪

This one I took in October, 2007. He always got in the way of my packing as you see from this pic;)) Oh, how I miss you, Tabi... my heart always aches though my back pain ceases.


  1. What?! Is it a retail store? If so, I'll have to make sure I visit next time I'm in Tokyo. Can't wait to see the images from your new films!=D

  2. Hmm, I don't know exactly in fact. But I heard they had (or will have?) an opening party in Tokyo. OK, now I'll search... Wow, superb! Lovely! I wanna give it a visit!!
    But I wanna visit their shop in NYC much more;))

    I'll be happiest if the films arrive tomorrow, because it's my BD, november 23!;DD