Monday, November 17, 2008

Try one?

I dedicate these Japanese persimmon, Sharon fruit, for one of my best friends:)) But if you wanna try one, feel free to;D

The color of this fruit is very autumn and very much like Japan, don't you think so? I was not very fond of this fruit for long but now I like it. They say people won't change very much, but tastes do change a lot. As for me, I like food that I didn't like at all when I was a child. 
(Oh, but there are some I just can't eat now as well;)

I hear this fall we're having the most beautiful colored leaves in these ten years, but I doubt it. The other day I went check the leaves in an old little temple I go every year to take photos of autumn leaves. The maple leaves didn't look so beautiful: the leaves kink up and are blackened at the point of leaves and still green. I think we can't expect as beautiful crimson maple this year as ten years ago:(

But I'm looking forward to going and seeing autumn leaves in Kyoto at the end of this month!! Yes,Different countries have different foods, you know;))

というわけで、もうすぐ会う貴女に、この柿を捧げます^^* 写真だけやけど・・・笑

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