Saturday, November 29, 2008

failure version


感動すると、やっぱりポラで撮りたくなってしまうのですが・・・こうも撮れないと、ちょっとテンション下がりそうになる orz
イヤイヤ、挫折はアカン、ということで次のエントリーではもうちょいマシバージョンを載せます。また後で\\ ^-^

These are the photos from the same package, but there are some differences in exposure. I understand the darker the place the brighter the photo comes out.  I don't know why; I want it to come out as it is. 
And when the photo comes out, it always gives out white or blue liquid. Ah, that's why the photo gets yellowish? Maybe so, I guess.

The photo on the upper-right I took at "Tetsugaku no miti" in Kyoto, near Ginkaku-ji temple. It was nearly sunset time so it was rather dark, but the photo doesn't look so. Too bright! :(
The other three in Arasiyama. The autumn colors of leaves were breathtaking!! Naturally a lot of people are attracted to the place. Me too of course! The excitement drove me to shoot with SX-70, but the outcome like this made me a little down. No, I won't give up. I'll show you later in this blog another version that are a bit better.


  1. Hi akane, I also had many failure photos by sx-70. Just don't have the gust to post it up. :)

  2. fennymun
    Haha, I just want my friends to know how it is going.

    I'm not gonna buy more packages of Polaroid film, so I can't help using my spoiled film till the end. hahaha...

  3. hi akane,

    oh, thanks for the info! Glad that it's already winter here so I won't have a chance to leave 600 films in hot places. Why not buy new packs?

  4. fennymun
    Because they cost way too high!! The price is impossibly higher than they used to be. The price of one pack is about 3000 yen! It's three times higher than the one I bought one year ago. And when I heard they stop making film, I decided not to stock up: to get by what I have.
    Anyway I wish you good luck with your Polaroid:))