Monday, April 20, 2015

photo uploaded (& leftover photos)

I uploaded a new post again on my portfolio site. 

Totally out of focus. I wish the colors showed a little more vivid.


It was raining and with the rain fell petals of cherry blossoms.
I don't remember whether there was noise or sound then. Yes, I do remember it was really calm and silent. Just the click of my cameras could be heard.


photo on the right; KODAK Ektar100

使い惜しみしてしまいこんでいたFUJIFILMのReala100。こういう天気には向かなかったのか、単にわたしの腕とセンスの問題か。。。>< ちょっと気に入らなくてこれもボツ。好きだったフィルムだけど、もう作られてないみたいで本当に残念。

I'm really sorry that the film Reala100,  is no longer made by FUJIFILM. I love this film. The photo on the left is the one I took with the film.


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