Saturday, April 25, 2015

the change of seasons

taken in late May, 2014
It's still spring but seems like I am at the change of season: I have not suffered from pollen fever this spring, but today I have a runny nose! The pollen report says there are little pollen in the air today, though. What is making me sneeze and have a runny nose?

Dogwood trees are almost in full bloom by the way:)


late March, 2015; PENTAX SP + Carl Zeiss Ultron 1.8/50 + Fujifilm Acros100
April 3, 2015 (Carl Zeiss Ultron + a loupe)

そういえば、一昔前、マクロレンズも必要よね!なんて鼻息も荒く買ったけれど、虫眼鏡で事足りてしまっている・・・防湿庫の中で眠らせたままのPlanar 2.8/60。1.4/85だって使うことがほとんどない。ハッセルブラードもどこか故障したまま放置だし。もったいない、もったいない。


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