Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dara-Dara FoRty-TwO

taken w/ LOMO LC-A, KODAK GOLD 200
I've been leading a very simple life these few months: wake up, eat, petting my cat, go meeting & photographing cats, go to the office, come back home past midnight and sleep. I very rarely watch TV nor read books these days. Seldom meet friends. Wow, what a boring life it sounds like?! Nope. I'm really content and happy with it, though I sometimes feel scared at the fact I think or review almost nothing; I don't think about something profoundly. I have been very busy: I work 5 days a week for the first time in 20 years! So I have been busy adjusting myself to this new experience. But now I need some time to travel (if I could), or just have to take time to stretch and meditate. I seem to have got a bit stiff in my mind and body.
BTW this cat is one of those I go see & play with almost every day. He's really friendly to me, and I always think of taking him home with me. But he is taken good care of by those who live in the neighborhood.


p.s. ローソンのガトーショコラ(だっけかな)とコーンポタージュがうまかった♪予想外に。うちの最寄りのローソンが今もあったら毎日でも食べてしまってたかも・・・と思うと、なくなってよかったのかもしれない。

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