Saturday, December 03, 2011

a ritual in december

a ritual in december
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Today I paid my usual visit to the old temple where I take photos of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. The leaves are not as good as normal and the colors haven't turned red or yellow yet because of this unusual weather; too much rain in summer and fall and too much warmth. But I felt spirited and at the same time calm & peaceful taking photos there:))


  1. One day I'll take photos of the autumn leaves in Japan! Hey, I noticed you got a lomokino movie maker. Do you like it? I'll be doing a blog post about it soon ^_^

  2. Hi, Jonathan!
    You will find a lot of fun walking in autumn in Japan:)) I bet it's the most beautiful season of the year, though each season is lovely and full of yummy things;D
    Oh, yes, I did buy a lomokino!! But in fact I haven't tried it yet... I have one thing I wanna shoot with it, but I have been kind of busy for a new experience.
    I'm looking forward to your report on it;p

  3. I finally got around to posting about it! I've been so busy too. It took me almost a month from the time I shot the film to the time I finally had some finished movies to share. I hope you get to give it a try soon. You'll really love it =)

  4. Hey, I loaded a roll of film in my lomokino, but haven't shot yet. I've been wondering when to give it a try.
    Wow, you already tried it! I'll come and see it on your blog! Wow!!