Thursday, August 12, 2010

in the late afternoon

just my imagination
In my childhood and early teens, I used to go swimming in the nearby swimming pool or in the river. I loved the light and color of the air after swimming: it was about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. The color was just about the same as that in this picture. It invites me to feel sleepy and made my heart thump from kind of nostalgie. I was in between two thoughts: I have no home to come back and I could go anywhere I like; It's time to go home.

Now I love taking siesta, or catnap, in the afternoon in summer in this rather hot, humid room. I fall asleep reading something or just day dreaming. I wake up gradually mostly from weird feeling. I get up in full sweat, to regret having wasted my precious time, but at the same time I just love it: that moment reminds me of those childhood summer days which I mentioned above, memories not particularly special. That moment is also very alike that which I had during my school days. In the afternoon I couldn't resist sleepiness and fell asleep in the class, waking up feeling ennui and having no sense of where I was. I miss those old days sometimes, but not so enough to feel that I wish to go back, to be young again. Some odd steps led me where I am, to this pendent state where I can't call myself something concrete. Which seems just the same as this time of a summer day: at 3 or 4 in the late afternoon. I love it.

I just wanted to write about my favorite time, and I wandered around to lose the track. Well forgive me; it's my blog, my space for murmuring and letting out miscellaneous things that I have in mind.


  1. Late in the afternoon...that's the time I head out to a park for walking. I usually leave home around 3, 3:30pm, arriving at Central Park around 4:30pm. That's the best time to visit and stay until the dusk. A ray of sunshine coming through trees and grass, it's so beautiful! The color is absolutely amazing. The sunshine turns everything in gold, shiny golden color. You'll love it!

    I guess we both love late afternoon for a different reason, huh? Nice :) BTW, I also take a nap around 2pm. Love the moment when everything fades into a blurry day dream.

    Have a sweet cat nap tomorrow ;)

    Love & Meow,


  2. Hi, Hanabanana;DD
    Oh, isn't it still hot out there around 3 o'clock? Well, it's too hot to walk around about that time here. But if I had a park like Central Park in the neighborhood, I'd take advantage of it; I would take a walk with my camera(s);D Yes, it'd be sooo nice and lovely to stay outside waiting for dusk to come. The gradation of time, i.e. of the colors in the sky, is just wonderful and makes me feel calm. Awww, if only I had the "dokodemo door"! (this has long been one of my longed assumption;)

    Our reasons for loving late afternoon are almost the same and a bit different, so are those for loving catnap;) I love the moment when I slowly come back to the real world even more. :))

    meow meow!

  3. Sigh, unfortunately I work during the late afternoon. As much as I really want to, I can't nap!

    On the weekends however, coming home at 2 or 3pm, there's nothing quite like taking a looong nap. Also, if I see Suki sleeping in the afternoon, it makes me reeeally sleepy =)

  4. Hi, Jonathan.
    I sigh too, I have to work from afternoon till midnight today:(( Maybe I will feel very very sleepy behind the wheel on my way to work! I have to be careful to stay awake!
    I hope you enjoy taking nap with Suki-chan when you have time:)
    As for me catnapping with my cats is really loveliest part of my life:)