Tuesday, August 03, 2010


if onlyI wish I could melt into the sea water.

Now, at 9 a.m. it's already 35 degrees C  high! :(( I'm all sweat...!
I don't use air conditioner most of the time (I don't like it), the weak breeze through the window soothes me a little.

I wanted to eat somen, japanese vermicelli usually eaten cold with soup, for breakfast, but my father fixed traditionally japanese breakfast of hot rice, miso soup, and grilled dried fish. Ugh... not bad, but a little heavy for summer morning.

I can see large thunderclouds, so a shower can be expected:)) Hope it'll tone down the heat!




  1. It's a lovely 59F and foggy here in SF. Typical summer in this city! You should come visit and escape from the heat ;)

    Love how you framed up the shell with the water in the background! Try to stay cool ok?

  2. Now I wish I could escape to SF far more than melt in the sea! :D
    Maybe next summer...? ;DD

    Well, for now I try to drink enough water and eat lovely ice cream to stay cool;)

    Glad you love it! Thanks, jonathan:)

  3. Oh, I love your photography blog. Did I tell you that?

  4. Hiy thakyou

    yea the olympus is great andim stil learning more about it everytime

    andikno what u man..the soft feel it has. thats what i like about it too..now im using film so much im starting to find that i dont like the sharpness of digtial
    anymore =o

    love your wok
    esp the flickr folder called un petit puase- cafe

    keep up th work i will be back



  5. 今日はホントに暑かったですよね^^


  6. Hola, chica! Sizzling? You can make a sunny side up on the street then? July was the hottest month of the year...so far the heat has been a bit subsided here. It gets closer to 90degrees, but no longer 100. phew! Drink lots of water, miss. Don't forget to apply sunscreen lotion whenever you're headed for an outside activity ;)

    I don't like the AC either. I only use it before going to bed. Good luck with the heat wave!!

    The photo looks great. I miss the beaches in SD...! ahhh....I didn't get a chance to take a photo of them, but....it's beautiful there. La Jolla beach is super. and you can see Pelicans on the cliff! and Seals are swimming in the ocean. gee, I really wanna see the ocean now! Hope I can peek a bit of Atlantic ocean tomorrow. I'll do another wedding job, and maybe it's closer to the beach. We'll see.

    Stay cool...as much as possible :)



  7. @Shukura Li
    Hi, Shukura:)

    I used to shoot with OLYMPUS PEN F (now it's broken) and I loved it. I loved the camera partly because of its results, and because it can take twice as many frames as the usual SLR camera;))
    But I heard the OM series are better in the quality of photos. I saw your photos and I'm sure of it.
    Enjoy photography with your Olympus:))

    I am a film-camera person, too:)
    I just don't like the sharp and too-clear tone of digital images. I love vague soft tone of the film images.
    Thanks a lot for checking my flickr photo-stream!
    The set of "un petit pause-cafe" reflects my love of cafe: when I started photography, cafe was one of my few objects;D

    I'll keep enjoying your photos! Looking forward to seeing more:)




    Hola, hana-chan:)) Yep, we're having another hot day again. Heavily hot. Haha, you could boil water on the asphalt;) Yesterday no rain. I DO hope we'll have shower today. There's much more cloud seen in the sky:)

    I don't use AC even in my car: my car gets about 40 or 50 degrees C when I get into it, I guess. I flash and slam all the doors over and over again to flee the heat. (By doing that the temperature gets down about 10 degrees:) But it's still too hot at the wheel... so recently I put "tenugui" with small refrigerants wrapped in it around my neck. It helps a lot to cool me down:)

    Beaches! However hot, it's good. lovely. Always I miss them. The beaches in SD sounds sooooo good!! I must visit them next summer! :DD Aww, I have so many places on my "to-visit" list now.

    Hey, you're committed to another wedding work! How lovely! Not only to the beach, you're closer to your dream too right? Have fun!


  8. Appreciate your environmental sensitivity by not using AC. It isn't easy indeed, esp when I've two kids running around at home all the time and we seldom have breeze even at home....:)

  9. Oh, your kids would get illness such as heat syndrome without AC!
    I used AC when I was young, but little by little I have made myself used to the life without AC;))
    BTW, I came to think this abnormal climate is due to the A-bomb and H-bomb tests repeated on the earth, not due to our everyday-life CO2 emission.