Tuesday, January 19, 2010

E for egg

I tried to think of something starting with "e", but I could only find a few things around me. So I talk about "egg"; another food talk again;p

Eggs. I have one almost every day. Lovely round shape, tender colors of white and yellow. It all makes me smile:)) And eggs make various dishes delicious. What I love most of the dishes with eggs is "tamago kake gohan" rice with raw egg seasoned with soy sauce, I could say (wow! I never imagined this is on Wikipedia!;). OK, some do say it's not a dish, but it never matters to me. The moment of mixing egg with rice just makes me happy.

Still I haven't had any egg in my fridge for these 3 days! There are literally empty holes both in the fridge and in my heart! Don't laugh at me that I'm too serious, blowing up little things. Eggs are like the blanket of Linus to me (well I do have some other "Linus's blanket"). I ate castella which is made of a lot of egg, but the sight of eggs, the white round thing, is a must for me.

The photo is the only photo with eggs in my archives on flickr. Two eggs on bagel. Just lovely, huh?:D

p.s. I wanna go to this cafe with you again, tomily!;)


warm dream: @umie (cafe), Takamatsu, Kagawa; nov. 2008


  1. ぎゃーっ!何書いてあるか わからんけど

  2. それだけ伝わればいいのでした♪

  3. That dish looks soooo good! This looks like food I'd find at a local cafe in SF...I didn't know they had this kind of thing in Japan too ^_^

  4. OMG....you found it on wiki?! Crazy...but it's interesting. hmm....whoa, someone did a pretty good research on tamago kake gohan. Kewl ;) BTW, I'm an egg lover, too! I just had one right now! But you know what? The taste of eggs are better in Japan. Fresher & yummier. oh, and milk! The taste is totally different from yummy japanese one! You'll be surprised at the expiration date, too. yup, mostly...it lasts about a month or so ;p I miss both milk and eggs in Japan.... :o FYI...of course, I can get a fresh organic milk at a farmer's market! That is as good as japanese one. They also have a buttermilk and kefir. Yum!

  5. @jonathan
    Yes, it did taste goooood:)) I love bagel (in fact I'm gonna make some for tomorrow;), and we can find nice bagel dish at many cafes.
    Oh, you must guide me to a nice place for dishes like this when I go to SF;D

    Hi, Hana-san:)
    Never did I think I would find an expalanation on Wiki! Really surprising! (Kewl = cool なのね!Wow!ひとつ賢くなった〜ワタシ♪)
    I didn't know either that eggs (and milk) taste so different in the US... can't believe the expiration is so long! I'm no stickler for neatness, but I would hesitate to take in such eggs or milk... Yes, I'd go to farmers' markets:))

  6. oh I might try that "Tamago kake gohan" tonight. along with something else.
    I will use my last egg on the fridge. the empty holes are filled with expired film.
    The photo looks delicious, I might try to bite my screen if I keep looking at it. :)

  7. i definitely understand you without any doubt.
    a hole in fridge makes a big hole in my mind too ;))

    yes, recently i'm dreaming of going there(umie) whenever i see some pictures shot there on your posts.
    also, i can't stop laugh when i notice how our photographic eyes feel in same way on same objects :))
    i have a plan to go back to japan probably around fall this year.
    so, i hope i can go there with you again!
    and before that, i'm going to italy in may again ;)

    so, how is your stomach doing?
    Is that a stomach problem or what??
    I hope you enjoy your nights with wine soon :))

  8. Wow, hi, Anibal! Thanks for coming by on my blog!
    I'd be glad to hear how you will like "tamago kake gohan";)) Oh, but remember to use as fresh an egg as possible!
    Today I went to farmers' market and bought a pack of eggs so I'll try "tamago kake gohan" tomorrow;)

    Oh, I remember something! I love egg tart, which I ate in Macau. I hear it came from your country Portugal, right? Aww, now I wanna take a bite on an egg tart!;D

  9. Aw, tomily!! How've you been?
    My stomach is 100% all right, it seems;)) Thanks for your concern!
    And thanks for the good news! It's sooooo exciting! I can't wait!! We'll be able to enjoy umie together again:))
    But how envious I am to hear the other news!! Awwwwn, I coundn't be more jealous of you! It's more so because I have no plan of traveling abroad for the time being. My financial condition won't allow me to for a while... So I stopped learning Italian, to tell the truth;p
    Well, I just have to hang in there now...

    Now the holes in the fridge are filled with proud eggs;)) I'll be going to sleep satisfied:) Good night.

  10. あうあう、美味しそうだよ〜!お腹減った!

  11. そういえば言うてタっけねー?<生卵


  12. The egg was expired to make the recipe, but it turned out to be delicious when fried.
    Portugal has some good and sweet recipes with eggs. I am remembering one now, I must forget it quickly or I will get desires, oh too late!

    I always get my eggs when I go visit my parents at the farm. :)

  13. Oh, that's a shame... but it's nice you enjoyed it otherwise:))
    I envy you that your parents have a farm! Fresh foods are the best feast, aren't they?:)

  14. yes, they are. :) It's nice to pass by a tree and pick up some cherries. :)

  15. Wow, now I envy you even more to hear that!