Monday, January 11, 2010

52 a year

How many books did I read during last year? I didn't count exactly, but maybe between 50 and 70. I love books but my preference of books is rather biased. And I feel I don't read as many stories or essays as I used to, that I'm getting more "aliterate" these days.
BTW I found a nice article on SuperForest, and read the original article of an interview to a designer who read 52 books last year, that is, one book a week. I think it's a nice & moderate pace and agreed to what he said in the interview. Well, I try to keep on reading, and if possible I try something new to me to get new knowledge. Check out 100 Ways to Make the World a Better Place #86: Read.:))
I think this way: I don't have to read a book a week; I do something, say, take a Polaroid or take a photo with some specific camera per week:) Anyway it'll be interesting & significant to keep doing something.

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今日は時々チェックしているブログに100 Ways to Make the World a Better Place #86: Read.という記事が上がっていて、元のインタビュー記事も読んだら続けることが一つの訓練になったとか、一連の決まった過程が続いていくのが楽しいとか、確かにそういう面もあるなぁと思った。読書って、気分に任せてするものだったので、今年はそういう具合にきちんと具体的に目標を決めてやっていくのもいいな、と思った。


books with atmosphere: CONTAX Aria + Planar 50/f1.4; @Umie, Takamatsu, Kagawa; Nov.2009



  1. Well, reading a book every week it's really a lot.
    I think i read something like a book any month.
    And that's not because i don't like reading more, but because, when i study i read, when i work i often read, when i'm online i read.... :) so in the remaining time i sometimes need some physical activity or going out...i can't always read, even if i like it.
    Also, many people have (and i'm not judging) like 5 or 6 books near the bed, and they read them in the same time alternating one and another.
    I can't imagine how they do can they keep track of what they are reading.
    I think that things must not be done in hurry.
    Take the time of doing things, read one book and enjoy it wihtout the anxiety of starting another one! :)

  2. Yes, we do reading even if we don't want it... from the necessity alone. But putting such reading aside I wanna read just for fun. And I prefer reading printing to digital online. Books being around there, near the bed, on the table is lovely :)
    In the blog, the designer says he reads one book a week and not to start another book before finishing one book. It's not my way of reading but I think his way is better as you say. OK. I'll stick to that way.

    Well, I need to excercise as you do... I definitely feel so I started to do some stretching before going to bed.
    Anyway let us enjoy what we do:)))

  3. I totally agree with you.
    Printed reading only.
    Reading digital it's totally not romantic and is also bad for the eyes.

    Yes with the coming of spring i really need some training.
    The idea is to go running and biking in spring and swimming and playing tennis in suumer. :)

  4. Wow, you're so active!
    I'll try simple exercise not to fall out of shape, not to put on weight;p

    "Books", I of course mean "printed" ones, are lovely with their weight, texture, as well:))

  5. The interview is interesting. The idea of 1-book-per-week is challenging indeed. I don't have much time for reading but I do love to read and love to touch the "printed" ones. BTW, I love your shot of books. :)

  6. Hi, dear fenny:) I found the interview interesting too!
    I couldn't resist the desire to read other books while reading one book, so I often have some books half-finished. But focusing on one book is far better I guess.
    Yeah, touching real thing and taking photos of lovely books are must for me, too!:))

  7. Looking forward to your 52 photos of the year ^_^

    I haven't read a book per week since I was in school, and I'm not much of a book person lately...although every time I do read a good book, I find it to be very enjoyable, and I think to myself "I really should do this more often!!!"

  8. I will shoot 52 photos with my SX-70 this year, I mean just one Polaroid a week, even if some of them are totally waste of film. (Well, if I can afford new packs of film for Polaroid and afford to travel some where, I will take SX-70 photos apart from the 52;))
    Thanks for your encouragement!

    If you encounter a book which captivates you and has you devoted to it. you're lucky. If you rarely have such a lovely chance, you still can enjoy it to the full.
    It's not amount but depth of devotion that matters, I suppose:))

  9. Thanks:))

    Then, have you read a book?;D