Friday, September 20, 2013

YES! and then...

This is not well framed, though.

My LC-A works! I loaded a roll film of 24 exposures in my LOMO LC-A for the first time in these years. I had given up on it, but I loved the camera and I felt like trying it again. I always use 36 exp. film for my 35mm film-based cameras, but my LC-A seemed to have some problem with its film advance system and I just couldn't click away with it to the last, so I guessed I had better use 24 exp. film. And then it turned out right! I'm happy with the results and I am excited I can use the LC-A again!
But, when I loaded the third roll today, I broke the film advance lever! OUCH!!

For a few more photos, click here:))

leica Ⅲaと違って距離ハズしてぼやぼやーん、になることもないし、やっぱラクでいいわー。やったー。



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