Tuesday, May 07, 2013

image of scent

This is just over-exposed, but shows some feel of the scents in my room:)
(taken w/ Polaroid SX-70 + Polaroid600)

I love the scent of caspia statice
(taken w/SX-70+ PX70 ColorShade)

*I haven't used the PX680 ColorProtection film that I bought a few weeks ago, but I wonder if it will work all right with my SX-70...*


Speaking of scent, I have been into perfumes from a brand (I love not only each of the fragrances but the packages! I love those pictures on the boxes:). And a few days ago I bought shower gel and body milk with cherry blossom scent from L'OCCITANE. I used to think the flavor was not my type, but now I love it and enjoy soaking in the bathtub. 

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