Sunday, April 28, 2013

sleepless nights

taken above Saigon; w/ Le Sardina + lomography CN100 
I am always dreaming of flying above, flying over the ocean. Just can't help it. Wanna go somewhere abroad already;D


But I don't like going out very much in fact, especially for some events where look-alikes and fellows of similar tastes gather. At such occasions I feel kind of embarrassed and uncomfortable and get very weary for some reason I can't explain clearly. OK. To be honest, though I like pretty things,  I don't have much interest in getting chouette stuff any more. I don't feel any urge or desire to visit those fantastic places. I could say I only love animals & nature and admire their beauty. (and I'd like to see people who are trying hard... which gives some encouragement and inspiration to me, who is really idle and easily slacks off). It's possibly that I'd love to go out somewhere abroad because I wanna be among different people. I need to be released from the air around me. Or else I will just stay home... to cure myself of my sticky cold! 

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