Sunday, March 31, 2013


cats enjoying the spring sun; taken w/Bessaflex + Carl Zeiss Ultron 50mm:f1.8

I stayed in Vietnam for 4 nights and came back home after 6 days interval, finding myself suffering much more with pollen from cypress trees. I had been sneezing and having a runny nose because of  pollen from cedar trees since the beginning of March. Sigh. But I enjoy beauty of spring season, especially of cherry blossoms. They are in full bloom a lot earlier than they were in these few years.
I love cherry blossom in rain, but sakura at night is also beautiful with the black night in the back.
I never get tired of seeing cherry blossom, being in the subtle pink shade of the tree. Sakura season is really short, which almost makes me sad, so I will go out and see sakura as long as possible for the rest of the season.


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