Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I had expected to post another pic. It'd be one with Sima in her arms. However it ended in an impossible project.

You may know her in this pic. She is keico, a longtime friend on the Internet. It all started with the cats: her cat Truffe and one of my cats Sima looked exactly alike. We would often say we'd love to get the two cats meet.
Then last month she decided to come see me in Tokushima! I was so glad. Sima was already not very well, though she had a good appetite. I thought she would be all right at least by the end of summer. To bring together Sima and keico was the top project and pleasure.

But onThursday evening she got suddenly worse, and the next day, July 15, Sima died.

Keico was to arrive in the early morning on 17, so I was at a loss with an enormous grief  at first. I was not sure I'd be able to welcome and entertain her; will we just keep crying  for the loss of a loved cat?
I let her know of the death of Sima anyway and she came.
It turned out right. I was consoled a lot by her being with me. She said nothing about Sima, had a fun time with me, yet I knew she felt sad.

Thank you, Sima. You gave me a lot of things these 17 years!
Thank you, keico chan, for coming at the right time. If you hadn't been with me, I'd have spent these days just crying.

I'm OK, so don't worry.
Sima, I'm happy because I could be with you till the very last time.  I believe you're  running and flying freely without any pain now.