Thursday, August 18, 2016

summer is over, but...

my top faves; gray: by n100 / black: agnes b
My summer uniform is the tank top. In Japan, I only wore tank tops during summer, but now that I live in Cebu, a tropical place, I wear them all year round!:D
I really love the one from n100, which has lovely comfy texture, making me feel relaxed. And the other favorite is of agnes b.; I bought it 20 something years ago when I first visited a branch in Shibuya. Agnes b. was (and has been) a designer of my admiration and I bought 2 tanks, a black and a red one,  and 'le cardigan pression.' The tank is a thick ribbed one with wider shoulders than other tanks, which is why I love it and continue to wear it though it is s bit discolored.

The tank in the photo in the right is another favorite in these 2 years. The color orange and fine borders  are what I fell in love with at the first sight, and you can gather at the neck:))


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