Wednesday, July 13, 2016



What I do every day: Stop alarm @0430H. Mostly I get up, depending on my working shift; Grind coffee beans and make coffee for myself.  Now I live alone, but I always make one additional cup of coffee as I did in Japan when I lived with my parents. At first, it seemed easier to make coffee better for 3 or 4 person than for only myself or two. After my mother died, making and offering  coffee for her came to be kind of my everyday ritual. That's the way I think of her every day; I remember her  loving using Hario's siphon when I was a kid. It was a scientific miracle.
Anyway, I love coffee, especially coffee given by my friends in Japan. Brewing coffee is not a productive or helpful for organizing life, but it always makes me smile and helps me a lot to keep me calm and happy:))




  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post and told us about, In the world say that some people who are to be useful, for example, for more and more productive thing and health and decent living. But, this coffee work you're doing always have me have fun or to calm the mind. really appreciate for sharing this points, Keep on sharing more.

    1. Good morning, Micheal. Thank you for dropping by and giving your comment. I am happy this post, what I do and feel always, is of any help if ever for making your mind peaceful:)) Recently I have little time blogging, but yes, I will keep blogging. Writing a post like this is kind of soothing and resetting my mode, too, like an anchor.