Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a lack of chemistry

5573301532_c12b0f89c7_b Here are the cameras that have something wrong and I can't take photos with. Strangely and unhappily enough, they are all my favorite cameras: the cameras I loved their looks, the feel, and the texture. I have taken to photography for about 10 years and now I can firmly say this; I cannot be in love with the camera I really love. The more I love the camera, the sooner it gets broken. Whoa. (and that means my digital ones will never go down.)
So you can say these are the tokens of my love affairs. Oh, I have another camera which has long been broken: my first Polaroid SX-70 !

What worries me a lot these days is that my Advocate by Ilford may go wrong. As you know, its shutter sometimes doesn't click...

というわけで、デジカメはバリバリ調子が良い。笑 これなら5Dもミラー削るん挑戦してもいけるかも〜〜?!

w/Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8/28mm


  1. Wow, what a collection! I didn't know you had a hasselblad. My father had 2 hasselblad bodies along with 4 lenses, several prisms, and different backs. He also had a mamiya...and they were all in great shape! He sold them years ago when digital was new. I'm so mad about it! haha

  2. Oh, your father!! He sold such a wonderful collection?? OMG~~~mottainai!!:D Old film cameras are really beautiful gadgets, they are fabulous only to see. Yes, it'll be much greater to use them. ;DD
    I have bought many cameras, now that you point out. Naturally you didn't know I had a Hasselblad, because the camera got broken after I took only two rolls of film... :((( Well, I think I'll get them fixed and use them again. I just can't part with the film camera, especially beautiful ones like these!;))