Friday, June 04, 2010

to tell the truth

Have been worried about him

Are you really all right?

Think I should bring him to the vet, though I know he hates it deadly; it will cause him a lot of stress.

I know I should, because he has been losing weight... he now doesn't eat dried bonito, which he used to love, not as much as Yoda does, though. He eats only a little of dried food, while he wants to eat what we eat. (He loves seaweeds lately, and other flavored things like fried chicken, which I never give him.)

He loves to go out; I'm worried about it but I let him out...he is back home now, lying without eating.

He's just finished his supper:) Still you'd say I should bring him to the vet soon, but I can't decide to, I'm not quite sure if it's good for him... if I were him, what would I want to be done? (I'd definitely refuse to see a doctor.)

I've read very very lovely and instructive, inspiring books, but will write about them some other time.


july 16

More than 10 days have passed since I wrote above, but I still can't decide what to do.

july 19

He is hospitalized now. Hope he will get better.

july 21

I had thought he would be able to be back home, but this morning's meeting showed that he had to stay in hospital longer...


  1. hmm...he might be attending someone's lunch party or something? Maybe he has a girlfriend??? Hope he's well. His poo looks ok? It might be a parasite??? If you see some tiny grains around where he sleeps, it would be a tape worm. Easy to treat it. Check it out!

  2. Thanks, hana-chan!

    I had thought he might be fed at someone's, and that much more gorgeous food than ours. I did hope so, but it doesn't seem so... I saw him with a strange cat, a lovely one, last night, but they didn't look like getting along well; they were grumbling each other. I guessed it was she-cat, though.
    I also thought it's because he had a parasite, but there's no grains seen around. He often goes out (or rather I let him out) lately, but he has no flee at the moment.
    He looks not so bad, but he seems to have less energy.
    If he has something wrong, say, in his kidneys or some other organs and needs treatment or medicine, I don't think he's willing to get it. He'll get a lot of stress and become a lot worse...

  3. Oh no! I hope he gets better quick. Going to the vet might be a good idea if the problem persists. I always take Suki at the first sign of trouble, but then again, I'm a paranoid parent ;)

  4. Jonathan, you're right. you're completely right as a parent. I should take Tabi to the vet tomorrow morning. I should have been a paranoid parent like you. Thanks a lot for your concern and comment.

  5. so, what's his problem? You've got the info? Hope he comes home happily and healthy soon. Speedy recovery!!

    Much love and Meow to you both,

    Hana & Seesawdakat

  6. Thanks:)) He's giving it his best, I'm fighting back sobs.
    He's diagnosed with diabetic mellitus and has not been in a very good condition, so he's at the vet's.
    I wish you two a good luck:)) Have a happy week, dear!

  7. oh, that's terrible news... My heart goes out to both of you. =(

    Keep us posted!

  8. Tabi must be thankful for your warm comment over the rainbow. Thank you.