Friday, October 27, 2017



My money goes into organic foods and Birkenstock sandals. I don't buy clothes here. Nor do I spend money on other accessories. I cannot live without my favorite foods: cheese (I've been especially into goat cheese, both fresh and aged) and eggs, and organic vegetables. BTW I am soft-vegetarian now, though not vegan; I mean I eat fish and dairy products and egg, but do not buy meat and processed meat.

My daily life consists of time spent with my cats when I am off duty. Sometimes I read, listening to music. I only do minimum house-keeping work. Very simple life, isn't it. I don't have TV or washing machine or vacuum cleaner. So I do hand-wash laundry when I take a shower. I clean my room only when I cannot stand dirt and sand any more. I eat vegetables raw or cook & preserve when I buy some.
It is not a life to show off on Instagram, but I feel so calm, so good.

Now I will go shopping some foods and dine & drink out tonight. Bye, my kitties.

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