Saturday, June 09, 2012


found on a mountain roadside, taken in 2010 w/minolta XD

I love the sound "ajisai", Japanese word for hydrangea, but love the letters "紫陽花" even more. The characters are just right enough to be associated to the beginning of summer. I took more time to take photos of hydrangea blooming in my garden (if you saw it in real, it couldn't be called "garden", I guess;). I will go shooting hydrangea on a mountaintop, where I took friends who came to see me in the past years. If you come to my place around this time of the year I will definitely take you there.

Yesterday I read in the blog of a friend that he loves shooting before/around the sunset. I love those periods of the day too, but in summertime, I go to the beach or mountain to take photos around the sunrise. I have less difficulty getting up early and the light, colors before dawn are really special:)

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